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The importance of soil health

Soil fertility

Healthy soil is important for us all. With a healthier soil, crops can grow better, drainage is better, so we have fewer floods, and the soil holds moisture better for drier periods. A healthy soil is also good for the environment because it retains carbon better.

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About soil health 

Soil quality is determined by several factors. Fertile soil is important for growing crops, draining water and, for example, storing CO2. When your soil is healthy, crops will be healthier and have a higher yield. Roots of plants and grass will take root deeper and crops will be protected naturally against pathogens. All benefits. Soil biology, or everything that lives in a soil, is often overlooked. And yet a healthy soil life has all kinds of positive effects. It ensures an airy soil structure, good water regulation, the build-up of organic matter, nutrient availability and plant health. For each type of soil, the more abundant and diverse the soil life, the healthier the soil. And a healthy soil is the basis for sustainable entrepreneurship.
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Royal Eijkelkamp soil solutions

At Royal Eijkelkamp we are convinced of the importance of a healthy soil and care for soil life. Therefore Royal Eijkelkamp has started a product line that promotes the importance of a good balance in the soil. Besides our soil analysis (SOLISCA) we also have our own compost tea machine. Various brewing packages are available for this machine. The packages are available for the following sectors:

  • Arable farming
  • Grassland
  • Horticulture & greenhouse vegetables
  • Vineyard & fruit trees
  • Tree nursery & avenue trees
  • Golf courses & sports fields

With more than 110 years of experience in soil and water research, Royal Eijkelkamp can help you find the right solution for your soil. 

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Soil life

The balance in the soil is essential for the growth of plants and other life forms. Biodiversity is an important part of this. To ensure that biodiversity improves, Royal Eijkelkamp has a number of products that contribute to this. Biodiversity ensures, for example, fertile soil, clean water and a stable climate.

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Manure sampling

The transportation of manure requires you to adhere to certain rules. You need to weigh the amount of manure, take representative samples and have them analysed. Royal Eijkelkamp offers solutions for the sampling of both solid and liquid manure.

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