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Casing tube ABS

Sturdy casing made of plastic (ABS) with a length of 1 metre. Available in several diameters

  • 1 metre in length
  • Synthetic (ABS) with steel wire sockets
  • O-ring ensures the seal against fine sand


The casing tube prevents your borehole from collapsing. The casing tube is made of plastic (ABS) and is fitted with a steel threaded sleeve. Our drill pipes have a coarse thread that you can turn counter-clockwise. The thread closes in 2.25 turns and an o-ring ensures that the casing seals well against fine sand. The weight of the casing tube depends on the variant you buy. In heavier circumstances you can use a casing tube platform. This will allow you to easily turn the casing in the borehole. 

Available variations Drill pipe ABS/st Ø90 x 76 mm, 4,1kg Drill pipe ABS/st Ø125 x 108 mm, 6,7kg


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