About Royal Eijkelkamp

Mission & vision

Royal Eijkelkamp is able to make a continuous contribution to a safe and healthy living environment thanks to more than 100 years’ experience and expertise in soil and water research.

Royal Eijkelkamp wants to become the world’s preferred supplier of solutions - including one-stop solutions - for soil and water research. We’re always able to provide our clients and partners with sustainable added value through close cooperation and knowledge sharing. And we’ll continue responding innovatively to fast-changing client demands in the future.

Director & Supervisory Board


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Supervisory Board

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Company Core Values

'High-standard business ethics. Everyone sets a good example for each other, starting with the Supervisory Board and Management Board. Friendly, open, clear communication based on mutual respect and focused on striving for concrete results. In our dealings we consider everyone as a customer, both internally and externally.'

This in one of Royal Eijkelkamp's Company Core Values. Read all the basic rules and important practices within our company in this online document.

Working at Royal Eijkelkamp

Do you want to join the Royal Eijkelkamp team? Take a look at the current vacancies at Royal Eijkelkamp and meet the difference.

Our history

The story behind Royal Eijkelkamp is not a standard one. A small local forge starting at the beginning of the last century and grows into a group of companies that develop and supply equipment for research of the earth. You can call it unique.

More than 100 years of Eijkelkamp can not be summarized on one simple page. That is why we wrote a company story. You will find, short and to the point, a large number of events and things worth knowing that made the company what it is today: Royal Eijkelkamp!

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What exactly is a Royal designation?

Since 2011 Royal Eijkelkamp will find itself amongst a select group of Royal Dutch companies such as KLM, Philips, Shell and Ahold. But what exactly does the designation involve?

The designation “Royal” is a distinction that is granted to societies, foundations, establishments and large companies and it symbolises the respect, appreciation and trust of the Queen of the Netherlands towards the recipient. Only the Queen can award the designation. The designation is strictly by name and means that the organisation may add the designation Royal to its name and may incorporate the Royal Crown in its logo.

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NL-Food Security Alliance

The NL-Food Security Alliance (NL-FSA) is a community of mainly Dutch companies and institutions collaborating in creating exclusive, profitable and sustainable solutions for the agri-water-food business in Africa and Asia. NL-FSA is a Royal Eijkelkamp initiative.

Check nl-fsa.org for more information

Eijkelkamp Foundation

Because of Royal Eijkelkamp’s Centenary jubilee in 2011, Stichting de Eijkelkamp Foundation has been founded. This foundation has the disposal of knowledge, means and equipment which is meant for special good causes. Stichting de Eijkelkamp Foundation does not want to donate only money but wants to go further than that. In this way 100 years of specialized knowledge and entrepreneurship obtained flows back at the community.

More information - www.eijkelkampfoundation.com

The Water Entrepreneur

More than small water wells & safe drinking water

The Eijkelkamp Foundation aims to serve almost 100.000 inhabitants of the rural Benin province Alibori with sustainable access to safe drinking water. Hence we give an impulse to local economic growth and public health. How?

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