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Pipette Apparatus Table Model
Pipette Apparatus Wall Model
Pipette Apparatus Table Model
Pipette Apparatus Wall Model

Pipette apparatus


Pipette apparatus for the determination of the distribution of fine particles in soil samples. Royal Eijkelkamp cooperated with research institutes to develop this apparatus that meets the standards.

  • Large insert depth of 340 mm
  • Modernised to suit all professional users
  • Thermostatically controlled bath temperature
  • Analyse multiple samples simultaneously
  • Meets the NEN 5753 and ISO/DIS 11277 standards


Soil classification is primarily based on particle-size distribution, which is one of the most important physical qualities of a soil. To accurately determine the particle size in samples, other methods are needed besides using (wet/dry) sieves in order to get to the finest particles. The pipette method is used to determine the particle size of fractions smaller than 38 μm. The instrument is vibration free, because the glass tank is independent of the heating element and stirrer. Both the pipette holder and runner are designed with wear-resistant plastic toothed wheels. 


  • Geotechnical soil research
  • Soil physical laboratory research
  • Erosion research

The pipette method

This method is based on the difference in sedimentation speed between small and large soil particles. Sedimentation of particles is the result of two opposing forces: gravity and friction, resulting from movement in a fluid medium.

First, carbonates, organic substances and possible iron oxide need to be removed because of their binding function. The sample is then suspended in water in a measuring cylinder and pipetted at different times and different depths, based on the Law of Stokes. The pipetted suspension is condensed and dried. Weighing determines the mass ratio of the pipetted fraction.

Table model 08.16.SA

This model can be placed on a laboratory table as an autonomous unit. Using the basic set, the fractions of 7 samples can be determined simultaneously. The standard set includes:

  • Runner with pipette holder
  • Table frame
  • Glass tank
  • Heating element with thermostat and stirrer
  • Pipette upper section and pipette lower section
  • Pipette balloon
  • Glass sample cylinders
  • Rubber stoppers
  • Sodium hexametaphosphate

Wall model 08.16.SB

This model can be mounted to a wall and used to research samples in different tanks. Multiple wall models can be connected, to research many samples in multiple tanks. The standard set includes:

  • Wall frame with runner for pipette holder
  • Pipette set
  • Glass tank
  • Heating element with thermostat and stirrer
  • 7 sedimentation cylinders and rubber stoppers
  • 1 kg of sodium hexametaphosphate


Pipette apparatus
Maximum number of samples 7
Sample specification Disturbed
Measuring range < 38 microns
Reading accuracy Depending on weighing equipment
Voltage 230 volt 50/60Hz
Power supply Line voltage
Package dimensions 120x80x100 cm
Weight 75 kg
Michiel van Kampen

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