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Silicone tube


Tube made of silicone, complete with polyamide tube clamp. Suitable for use with the peristaltic pump, pressure head lift 5.5 metres. With ETU-hallmark, talced.

  • No phthalates, metals, dyes
  • Slightly transparent
  • Inert to all common types of dissolved contamination
  • Quality control through leaching research


A silicone rubber tube (in various diameters) can be used as a pump tube in combination with the peristaltic pump (manual or electric). The tube should be replaced before each sampling to avoid cross-contamination. The tube meets the requirements set by the pharmaceutical and food industry and by the ETU mark.

The silicone tube is available in several variations. The smallest diameter provides a complete vacuum; the larger diameter creates a low suction power combined with a high volume. 

12.20.46 Tube 4 x 8 mm, 5 metres long
12.20.48 Tube 6 x 10 mm, 5 metres long
12.20.49 Tube 6 x 10 mm, 5 metres long, 40 pieces
12.20.50 Tube 6 x 10 mm, 50 metres long


  • Do not store near fuel containers, even if packed (risk of contamination)
  • Replace hose after each sampling to avoid cross contamination
  • Not suitable for pumping pure hydrocarbons