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SRS 120

SmallRotoSonic 120

The SRS 120 34K True 150Hz sonic drilling rig is a small and easy to use machine with extreme sonic power. This small but powerful rig delivers faster and better results and the best undisturbed samples, thanks in part to the True 150Hz SmallRotoSonic drillhead.

  • Small and manoeuvrable rig
  • Accelerates drilling and sampling productivity
  • Small footprint
  • Tooling diameter between 50-150 millimetre
  • Perfect quality samples


Our SRS 120 sonic rig previously known as the SRS ML is a small, powerful and compact Sonic drilling rig. The rig combines its convenient size with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This is why this rig really makes the difference. The SRS 120 is suitable for various purposes and can be used for Mineral sampling, Environmental research, Geo-technical sampling and testing, Geo-constructional drilling and Seismic drilling. The SRS120 delivers True 150 HZ Frequency which makes it really powerful.  

The drilling rig leaves a smaller footprint but still delivers perfect productivity and quality samples. The SRS 120 has an output power of 150kN/34K sonic vibration oscillator. The machine is available in a Pro and a Royal variant. An overview of these variants can be found here. Is this not close to what you are looking for? Then we can also tailor a machine to your needs and requirements. There are various options available to customise this machine. If you want to be able to drill both convention and sonic, choose the SRS 120 DUO. For all specifications, please download the specifications sheet. 

If you have any questions, please contact our specialists. 

*) Please note: our machines are supplied in silver from now on. If you do want a different colour please let our experts know. 


SRS 120
Pull up force 4.000 daN / 8.992 lbf
Engine 120HP CAT stage 5 engine
Rubber crawler carrier Yes
Radio remote Yes
Drilling mast for 3m/10' drill rods
Footclamp 40-250 mm double or tripple, with upper floating
Winch Hydraulic 2.000 daN
Bean/ FMC pump L06-18 Yes
High presure waterpump yes
Eijkelkamp Service Assistant Included
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