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MRS XL MAX Break out clamps
Using the MRS XL MAX sonic drill rig
MRS XL MAX sonic drill head
MRS XL MAX control panel
MRS XL MAX Break out clamps
Using the MRS XL MAX sonic drill rig
MRS XL MAX sonic drill head
MRS XL MAX control panel

LRS 275

LargeRotoSonic 275

The LRS 275 True 150Hz sonic drilling rig is an upgrade to the reliable CRS platform and built to accommodate the powerful 50K LargeRotoSonic drill head in a relatively small design. The powerful LRS 275 accelerates drilling speed and capacity and increases your productivity.

  • LargeRotoSonic drill head
  • Relatively small
  • Maximum drill speed, capacity and boost of productivity
  • Upgrade to the reliable CRS XL platform
  • Tooling diameter between 115 - 180 millimetre


The LRS 275, previously known as the MRS XL MAX is the larger version of our CRS machine. This larger sonic drill accommodates the powerful 50K LargeRotoSonic drill head. Thanks to its larger drilling capacity and higher drilling speed, this sonic drill can handle anything. Even harder surfaces pose no challenge to the LRS 275 thanks to the powerful 50K drill head. The drill head vibrates and rotates at the same time, making it the perfect tool to optimise penetration speed. The drill head has an adjustable true frequency of 150 Hz and comes standard with the automatic drill rod manipulator that allows easy handling of drill pipes without touching them by hand.

The LRS 275 is a robust and powerful drilling rig suitable for a wide range of purposes. The drill rig can be used for mineral sampling, environmental research, geotechnical sampling and testing, geoconstructive drilling and seismic drilling. In addition to being available with a sonic drill head, the machine is also available in DUO version that allows sonic sampling and diamond drilling in the same borehole. The LRS 275 is available in two variants, namely a Pro and a Royal. For detailed specifications, download the overview. Is one of our standard models not exactly what you are looking for? Then our experts can help you further.

*) Please note that, as of now, our machines come in silver. If you want a different colour, please let our experts know.


LRS 275
Pull up force 12.000 daN/26.976 lbf
Engine 275 HP CAT stage 5 engine
Steel chain crawler carrier with rubber pads Yes
Radio remote Optional
Drilling mast for 3m/10' drill rods
Footclamp 60-355 mm triple footclamp
Winch Hydraulic 3.600 daN
Bean/ FMC pump Yes, L11-22
ManipAll 250 yes, remote control
Eijkelkamp Service Assistant Included


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