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CompactRotoSonic 170 DUO

The CRS 170 DUO True 150Hz sonic drilling rig is a compact and powerful drilling rig, designed for heavy-duty drilling. The CRS 170 DUO is equipped with a CompactRotoSonic 34K drill head as well as a four speed rotation head. It is a easy to switch from the Sonic drill head to rotary head by shifting the trolleyboard. This powerful rig can easily handle various conditions.

  • Two drill heads
  • Extremely powerful drilling rig
  • High quality samples
  • Easy change between both drill heads
  • Tooling diameter between 38-203 millimetre


The CRS 170 DUO is a slightly larger than the CRS 140 DUO. Like its smaller brother, this machine delivers extremely powerful True 150 Hz frequency. The drill rig is equipped with the CompactRotoSonic 34K drill head and a drill head with four rotational speeds. Thanks to the different drill heads, the machine can easily work under different conditions. It is easy to change heads by changing the trolley board from left to right. This makes it easy to combine sonic sampling with diamond drilling in the same borehole. If you only want to use a sonic drill head, you can also choose the CRS 170.

The CRS 170 DUO comes with an automatic drill rod manipulator that makes it easy to handle drill pipes without touching them by hand. This machine is suitable for many different purposes, including mineral sampling, environmental research, geotechnical sampling and testing, geoconstruction drilling and seismic drilling. The sonic drilling rig is equipped with a 170 Hp stage 5 CAT motor, which provides the power you need for all these different applications. This machine is available in Pro and Royal variants, as well as a sonic drill head only variant. Download the overview for all the details. Is this not what you are looking for? Then our experts can also customise a machine to your needs and requirements.

*) Please note: our machines are supplied in silver from now on. If you do want a different colour please let our experts know. 


Pull up force 12.000 daN/26.976 lbf
Engine 170 HP CAT stage 5 engine
Steel chain crawler carrier with rubber pads Yes
Radio remote Optional
Drilling mast for 3m/10' drill rods
Footclamp 60-280 mm triple footclamp
Winch Hydraulic 2.000 daN or 3.600 daN
Bean/ FMC pump Yes, L06-18 or L11-22
ManipAll 250 yes, optinal remote control
Eijkelkamp Service Assistant Included
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