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ManipAll Rod & Casing Handler

The Royal Eijkelkamp ManipAll Rod and Casing handler gives your team the absolute head start. The ManipAll magnetic rod loading arm is available in three different types: 200, 250 and 250 RC available. The ManipAll technology exceeds all safety and ergonomic expectations.

  • Increase productivity
  • Safer working environment
  • Large diversity of casing possible
  • All tools can be handled by 1 person
  • Extensive magnetic force


Besides the fact that you can work faster with the ManipAll rod and casing handler, you also work a lot safer as it does the heavy lifting for you. The ManipAll lifts casing by magnet, and once lifted hydraulic grippers hold the pipe. It allows you to place drill rods at an angle for use with angled drills.

The ManipAll 200 is suitable for the SRS and the CRS drilling rigs. The ManipAll 250 and the remote-controlled 250 RC are suitable for the CRS, MRS XL and the larger drilling rigs of Royal Eijkelkamp. 

The ManipAll 200, 250 and 250 RC are built to fit Royal Eijkelkamp drilling rigs. For other manufacturers, a customised installation package may apply.

A large diversity of housings is possible for the ManipAll, and it is provided with a large magnetic force. All tools are manageable by one person, which proves how easy it is to use. For all specifications, please download the specifications sheet or contact a specialist. 

Available variations

  • ManipAll 200
  • ManipAll 250
  • ManipAll 250 Remote control

Safety is not expensive, it is priceless.


ManipAll Rod & Casing Handler
Hydraulic pressure 210 bar / 3,000 psi
Hydraulic flow 10 l/min / 2.6 gpm
Jordi Dijkman

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