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CPT tubes with different threads
Using the Drill'N CPT technique
CPT tubes with different threads
Using the Drill'N CPT technique

CPT tubes


Performing CPT does not only require a pusher to push the cone into the soil, but also various pushing equipment. The CPT tubes serve to push the cone deeper into the ground. Various options available.

  • Range covers all common diameters and thread types
  • Suitable for both new and existing CPT systems
  • Exceptional quality steel and manufacturing


To provide the most suitable equipment to our clients, we provide a wide range of CPT tubes with various threads.

Product variants

  • AR thread 
  • A2R thread
  • RTT thread
  • Quicklock thread

Products are available in lengths of 1, 0.5, and 0.3 metres and diameter of 44 or 36 mm.

Custom options possible

These items are produced with a wide range of thread types to accommodate the most common needs. If you are operating with a less common thread or tube thickness then bespoke options are also available at request.

Ordering your products

Please select your product of choice and provide additional information about your requirements in the quote form. This helps us to select the right product for your application. 


CPT tubes
CPT tubes - Length 1 m, 0.5 m, and 0.3 m | 40, 20 and 12 in
CPT tubes - Diameter 44 mm and 36 mm | 1.44 and 1.75 in
CPT tubes - Thread AR, A2R, RTT or Quicklock
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