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Using a water pump
Using a water pump
Pumps for a variety of applications

Pump & water samplers

Royal Eijkelkamp offers a variety of pumps and water samplers for research, and to monitor various aspects of water and liquids. They can be used for developing and flushing monitoring wells, and for taking samples of groundwater to determine the chemical composition. Sampling of surface water and other liquids in vessels and tanks is also possible.

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Using a water pump

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Using the Eijkelkamp peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pumps

The peristaltic pump of Royal Eijkelkamp is rugged and designed to be deployed in very different field conditions. Whether liquids or gases, both can be sampled. The pump is available in an electronic and a manual version.

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Using a submersible pump

Submersible pumps

When flushing and sampling monitoring wells, Royal Eijkelkamp's submersible pumps are the perfect tools for the job. Our pumps can be used for water monitoring but also for purging and sampling of monitoring wells. There is a stainless-steel and a low-cost synthetic version in our product range.

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Monitoring well by the riverside

Foot valve pumps

Royal Eijkelkamp's foot valve pump is designed for pumping groundwater to be analysed for environmental research. The escape of volatile organic compounds during the process is reduced to a minimum. Cross-contamination can be prevented easily and inexpensively as the hose can be replaced and the stainless steel valve can be decontaminated easily.

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Monitoring well

Various pumps and accessories

Royal Eijkelkamp offers various pumps and accessories. This comprises the centrifugal pump for pumping water in general. But also, the filter holder for in-line filtration and the flow-through cell compact are included.

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Using the bailer auger

Sampling bailers

Bailers are suitable for liquid sampling in open water, tanks, basins or monitoring wells. Obtained samples can be used for chemical, biological and bacteriological analysis. Our bailers are available in (HD)PE, stainless steel, and Teflon.

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Liquid layer samplers

Our liquid layer samplers, made of translucent Teflon and stainless-steel, are ideal for sampling heterogeneous and layered fluids. They are especially suitable for the indication of layers, measuring the thickness of the floating layer and sampling of drums, tanks etc. Available in a cable- and rod-operated version. Our plunging siphons are suitable for homogeneous fluids.

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