For a long time people thought landfills were a good way to get rid of our waste. But lately, those landfills cause severe problems like soil contamination. What to do with our waste and waste water? How do we keep the earth clean and still get rid of waste? Without monitoring pollution, the waste products from consumption, heating, agriculture, mining, manufacturing and transportation, whether they accumulate or disperse, will degrade the environment.


  • 'We are concerned about Flemish water quality 24/7'

    ClientFlemish Environmental Agency (VMM)
    Country - Belgium

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    • The Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) devotes its efforts to helping create a better living environment in Flanders, Belgium
    • Flanders has more than 20,000 kilometres of waterways
    • To achieve and maintain high water quality, it is of major importance to be able to respond to disasters that can affect water quality as quickly as possible
    • The aim is to be on-site within two hours to monitor the disaster, for example, by taking samples
    • VMM therefore started looking for a new technology to chart incidents and ended up with Eijkelkamp Soil & Water's multiparameter probes

    Services provided

    • Since the beginning of 2017 VMM has been deploying Eijkelkamp Soil & Water's Smart Sensoring to get an even better grip on Flemish water quality
    • By working with the multiparameter probes, VMM is able to take continuous measurements and to acquire a lot more data with the same effort

    Sub theme: Water quality | Water contamination | Source tracking

  • Protection groundwater against pollution, Berlin

    Client  Grisar (Germany)

    Description / Background

    • The objective is to protect the groundwater from (industrial) pollution through the installation of a GlassWall Lance and a, so called, TDR. This process starts with sampling the area intensively and is followed by drilling holes to 20 up to 25 meter. At this depth the pollution is located and pushed back by using oxygen injections

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    Sub theme: Pollution

  • Drilling on landfill to determine contamination

    Client - VCMI
    Period - 2013 - 2014

    Description / Background

    • Sonic Sampling is needed to determine contamination in the soil of a landfill  

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    Sub theme: Waste & landfills

  • Golder, France, former oil refinery

    Client - Golder
    Period - 2008 - 2010

    Description / Background

    • The new department DIMEX (French Nuclear Service Team) will cover all aspects of contaminated sites, with or without radionuclide, but within a nuclear site
    • Support Golder by providing information on the contaminated soil

    Products provided

    Sub theme: Soil contamination

  • Integrated Nutrient Pollution Control Project

    Client - Romanian Ministry of the Environment (Romania)

    Description / Background

    • Many people live close to rivers, causing increasing amounts of nutrients to end up in the water (water purification installations, run-off from land and agriculture). Ultimately this can lead to serious problems, such as an insufficient level of oxygen in the water.

    Services provided

    Sub theme: Pollution

    Downloads Integrated nutrient pollution control project - Romania.pdf

  • Sewer optimization by underground research

    Clients Local authority of Bergen and Tauw Consultancy (the Netherlands)

    Description / Background

    • The local authority of Bergen wants to limit the management costs of the sewer system and therefore gain more insight into the manner in which sediment builds up in a sewer
    • A 3-metre deep pit from where a camera focused on a 1.5-metre long transparent acrylic sewer pipe was installed underground

    Services provided

    • The portable NIVUS flow rate meter PCM4 with Cross Correlation technology

    Sub theme: Waste water

    Downloads Sewer optimization by underground research - The Netherlands.pdf