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MITO 70 LS - rental

The MITO 70 drill rig with long-stroke mast is perfectly suited for civil engineering and foundation work, including micro-piles, anchoring, jet grouting, consolidations and more. This used rig is available for rent or purchase.

  • Powerful with low center of gravity
  • Long reach for special projects
  • With long-stroke mast
  • Fully articulating mast: perfect for special foundation jobs
  • EU Stage IV EPA Tier 4 Final


A highly versatile rig, the MITO 70 boasts reliability, maneuverability and productivity through its innovative design and unique FRASTE articulation system. Full drilling operations can be conducted from the fixed control panel or from the optional remote radio control box, delivering better sightlines for the driller.

Kinematic mechanism 

  • Swing aside boom +/- 25º.
  • Support and hoisting arm with double hydraulic cylinder with upward rotation of 50° and downward rotation of 20°.
  • Articulated mast joint allowing +/- 95° side angle and possibility of drilling in parallel to the forward direction.
  • Mast counterslide for 1000 mm mast shifting.

Power unit
CATERPILLAR mod. C7.1 diesel engine

Radio remote control for all the drilling functions

Oscillating steel chain undercarriage

  • Truck width : 2510 mm
  • Oscillation :    ± 12°
  • Belt width :     500 mm
  • Undercarriage length :            2400 mm Load capacity :         22000 daN
  • Speed : 2 km/h

Complete with radio remote with console, receptacle unit, 2 batteries and charger.
Rubber pads for belt width 500 mm.

Special mast - 10.500 mm stroke, suitable for mast extension.
Steel tubular structure fitted with drawn steel lateral guides for rotary head carriage sliding.
Pull-down feeding system with hydraulic gear motor and roller chain.

  • Feeding speed and pull-down pressure perfectly adjustable from the control panel of the drilling rig. Pull-up : 10000 daN
  • Pull-down :     10000 daN
  • Pull-up speed :            40 m/min
  • Pull-down speed :       40 m/min
  • Complete with mast foot and guide chain for hydraulic hoses.
  • Strengthened Special Rigid Mast with double connection to the counterslide.

Rotary head support trolley, with hydraulic aside shifting device to allow free passage of winch cable in the hole vertical.
Eurodrill RH 32 X - 4 speed drillhead 3200 daNm @70 rpm

Air mud swivel for Euro drill RH 32 X Floating shaft for Euro drill head
Drill pipe wear sub, flanged below the rotary, thread to be specified.

Double hydraulic clamp 60-420 mm.
Clamping diameters from 60 to 420 mm for drill pipes and casing holding.

Hinged mast head with rotating pulley
FMC L1122 triplex mud pump

  • Down-the-hole hammer line lubricator. Lubricant oil delivery through Venturi principle.
  • 2" hydraulic air valve, with opening / closing adjustable speed, to connect the separated air compressor.
  • On-off pre arrangement 40 ltr/min -220 bar Proportional prearrangement


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MITO 70 LS - rental
Pull up force 22.480 lbf
Pull down force 22,480 lbf
Eurodrill equipped RH 32 X - 4 speed, 23,600 lbft @ 70 rpm
CAT Tier 4 Engine 275 HP
Winch 4,496 lbf, 180’/min, 100 ft, 0.4” diameter with turning hook, fixed style masthead with pulleys
Unique FRASTE articulation Swing aside boom +/- 25°
Special mast 34’6” stroke, suitable for mast extension | Mast counterslide for 3’4“ mast shifting
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