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Smart soil and water measuring instruments

Sensors & Probes

Royal Eijkelkamp offers a wide range of soil and water related sensors, like soil moisture, water level, water discharge or meteorological sensors. Find the smart solution to your data challenge in our range. These instruments can be connected to a modem for automatic transmission to your data center.

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Measuring instruments and data loggers

We offer a range of instruments that help you keep an eye on different qualities of soil and water. These instruments gather the data that allows you to make your monitoring and sensoring activities smart. 

Whether they have their own internal logging memory or make a direct connection to a modem or other data transmission device, our meters and sensors provide the insights needed to determine the right actions following changes in soil and water status. 

These sensors, meters, probes, and loggers facilitate long-term measurements. Install once, gather data for years.

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Monitoring well with GDT Prime Plus modem

Water level sensors

Water sensors are a convenient way to keep an eye on several water qualities without having to take frequent measurements. Simply install the device and let it collect the relevant data. Our instruments measure water level, temperature, electrical conductivity, and discharge.

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HydraProbe soil sensor

Soil sensors

Soil moisture is one of the most essential characteristics to keep flora and fauna healthy. This can be influenced by additional irrigation, but it's necessary to have a clear insight in current levels. Our soil sensors provide this information. Depending on your information needs, Royal Eijkelkamp offers the right variant for you

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Baro Diver connected to modems

Sensor accessories

Additional tools and instruments for successful long-term monitoring of soil and water qualities.

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