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Analysis of soil texture

Particle size distribution

Determination of the particle size provides insight into the behavior of a substance in the soil, and it helps to determine the quality of the soil. Particle size analysis is also important to research if soil provides enough sustenance for both flora and fauna and how easily it can be extracted from the soil. That in turn determines how suitable soil is for a certain use, such as agriculture.

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Particle size distribution

The particle size distribution (also called grain size distribution or texture) is one of the most important characteristics of the soil. It affects many of the soil's properties that influence available moisture, permeability, compaction, and more, which in turn determine ease of tillage, capillary conductivity, available moisture, permeability, compaction, etc.

Soil grain-size analysis

Soil classification is primarily based on particle size distribution. When it comes to soil quality, the target and intervention values for these parameters are calculated on the basis of, among others, the clay fraction. To accurately determine particle size in samples, other methods need to be applied in addition to determination using sieves. 

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