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About Royal Eijkelkamp

Personal attention and a unique range of solutions: for more than 110 years, this has been the trademark at Royal Eijkelkamp. Royal Eijkelkamp has been devising, developing, producing and delivering solutions for soil and water related projects worldwide since 1911.

Innovative solutions, together with the existing knowledge and expertise of the soil and water specialists at Royal Eijkelkamp, have served to raise projects to a higher level. From field measurement equipment to smart sensoring & sampling and from Edelman augers to sonic drilling machines, Royal Eijkelkamp has quite a range on offer.

From its early days as a village blacksmith, Royal Eijkelkamp has been on track to become the world’s preferred supplier of solutions - including one-stop-shop solutions - for soil and water projects within the themes Land Degradation, Food Security, Urbanisation, Pollution, Land Development and Natural Resources. To ensure and guarantee that our customers get the absolute best, all Royal Eijkelkamp equipment is made at our own production facility in Giesbeek, The Netherlands.

Royal Eijkelkamp is represented by specially selected partners in 5 continents and in more than 90 countries. Eijkelkamp North America was founded in 2015.

Troy Chipps

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Troy has led the Eijkelkamp North America team since it was formed in 2015.