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Meet the high-quality FRASTE MITO series

MITO Series

The FRASTE MITO Series is a reliable, powerful and very stable series. The rigs in this series are robust and designed to perform extremely well in the construction and soil protection industries, among others. This makes the MITO Series an excellent choice for foundation drilling.

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New names for the Fraste Mito Series

The Fraste MITO machines for foundation drilling have been renamed in October 2022, based on their weight range. 

The drilling rigs all have the same exact specifications, performance, and color as before, but with a name that better represents their characteristics. 

If you're familiar with the old names, please use the table to the right for reference. 

Previous name New name Weight range
MITO 40 CS MITO 4 CS 4 ton
MITO 40 MITO 8C 6-8 ton
MITO 8 MITO 10 10-11 ton
MITO 60 MITO 20 18-19 ton
MITO 70  MITO 25 22-24 ton
MITO 100 MITO 35 30-40 ton

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