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Smart data collection for soil and water management


In an increasingly smart world, the availability of data offers many advantages when it comes to monitoring of soil and water and taking timely actions. This requires smart data: information that you can act on, that offers the precise information you need and captures the right parameters. Our line of monitoring equipment and services makes the measurement and management of soil and water smart.

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The value of data for soil and water management

The monitoring of soil and water requires real-time data in order to take relevant action as quickly as possible.

The best decisions are made based on high-quality data, and the more data is collected over time, the better the insights gained. Thanks to long-time monitoring, parameters such as soil moisture, water level, water quality, or the discharge of a river can be studied in more detail, which gives insight in the influences of external conditions like evaporation, dehydration, rainfall, and water flow.

Our solutions help soil and water managers in their research and continuous monitoring of groundwater and surface waters. Alarms can be set for certain events so that actions can be taken in time. This could be a timely warning of high-water levels (floods) or low water levels (drought) or polluted water. You can also just gather the data over time, to be investigated later. This manner of thorough research provides insight to always take the right measures.

Discover the ROAK data platform

ROAK is your new home for all environmental data. Specially developed by Royal Eijkelkamp to work seamlessly with our sensors and equipment, it offers everything you need to make the most of your data. Whether you collect data on soil, water, meteo, or drilling - all sensor data connected to a specific location can be transferred to our new innovative platform.

Rather than receiving static reports you can actually interact with the data and through user and role management, get only the relevant data to the right person.

Collecting data with Eijkelkamp equipment

We deliver all the hardware, sensors and probes, monitoring well installation equipment, cables and modems required for monitoring networks. Our sensors are selected for data collection qualities and operational reliability.

Royal Eijkelkamp developed the Smart Monitoring Services to produce and store relevant data and have it visualized. This data enables better asset management because it allows you to set control signals for machines and equipment.

For the high-quality maintenance of your monitoring network and sensors we always work with a permanent team that was also involved in setting up the monitoring network from the very start. As a result, they know the measurement locations, recognize deviations immediately and are able to resolve them quickly. In our Eijkelkamp control room we manage the locations, measurement data and alarms of a large number of monitoring networks for our customers and partners. In total, we manage more than 2,000 of soil, groundwater and surface water measuring points in our home country and abroad.

Additional training for monitoring networks

In addition to managing the measuring points, we also train our customers and partners in the correct use of the measuring equipment. We do this in collaboration with our own training center, the Eijkelkamp Academy, but also outside in the field with the help of our experienced installation team.

We provide training for both the installation of multimeters, data loggers and modems, but also the daily processing and forwarding of measurement data from the measurement locations via telemetry, including setting alarm levels and visualizing these measurement data.


Our world is getting smarter, and in a smart world measuring and monitoring only makes sense if it’s followed up with relevant actions. To us ‘smart’ means more than just producing a large quantity of data: the data needs to be meaningful, and linked to an action. Eijkelkamp Smart Monitoring can provide all the resources, technology and services needed to produce relevant data for you.

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