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Sonic drilling on the beach
Sonic drilling on the beach
Meet the difference in Sonic drilling

Sonic drilling

Are you ready to meet the difference in Sonic drilling? Royal Eijkelkamp drilling equipment will help to increase your productivity, with a product line that is designed to be safer and more ergonomic than the industry standard. In addition to our unique sonic drilling method, we also offer product field training in your local environment.

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Sonic drilling on the beach

What is Sonic drilling?

Sonic drilling is a soil penetration technique that uses a high frequency of 150 Hz to penetrate soil layers. The oscillator in the drill head generates a high-frequency, resonating energy that is directed down into the borehole. During drilling, the resonating energy is combined with a rotating movement. This ensures an even distribution of the energy that acts on the drill bit and the drilling equipment.

The drilling operator can adjust the amount of sonic vibration generated by the drill head to the force required to optimally penetrate the soil and rock formations.

Sonic drilling benefits

Because of the reduced friction on the length of the drill string, sonic drilling needs less power to achieve the same effect as conventional drilling. This unique characteristic of sonic drilling prevents torsional forces on the drill string.  

Another benefit of applying sonic high frequency is the ease of retrieving the drill string, even in quick expanding clays or boulders and difficult conditions. All the drilling rods, casings and tooling are pulled faster and easier. The liquefaction and inertia effects enable you to collect long and continuous samples. Due to the vertical high-frequency movement, the drill string stays extremely straight with very little deflection. 

When do you need a Sonic drill rig?

There are situations where you want to avoid the usage of drilling mud, air, or even water while drilling. Since Sonic drilling does not necessarily require air or drilling mud while drilling, it is the preferred method for geotechnical, geo-construction and environmental applications.

There are also special projects where sonic drilling can and has run dry in overburden conditions, which is often preferable. Environmental projects can realize significant cost savings using the Royal Eijkelkamp Sonic drilling method because these projects can require a substantial amount of time, and consequently money, to properly dispose of investigation derived waste. In a mining project, specifically a leach pad, adding water or air is a disturbance that can influence the mechanical properties of the soil. In extreme cases it can cause erosion, which could lead to a failure such as a partial landslide. 

Why Royal Eijkelkamp Sonic drilling rigs?

Royal Eijkelkamp drill rigs and tooling are the best drilling technique for most overburden conditions. Where conventional drilling methods chronically struggle to obtain a continuous core sample in unconsolidated formations, Royal Eijkelkamp drill rigs and tooling excel in penetrating soft, mixed, hard, and all other types of overburdens.

The technique also provides highly undisturbed samples with a excellent track record of recovery. All drill rigs are put through a series of field tests before leaving our factory, with high quality components designed and selected for product reliability. This will ensure that our drilling rigs can handle the challenges that you are facing out in the field, making the impossible possible.

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Drill rigs

Royal Eijkelkamp has a wide range of sonic drill rigs in different sizes, so you can choose the machine that best suits your needs and requirements. The machines are designed to be safer and more ergonomic than the industry standard and thanks to the many options, they're sure to increase your productivity.

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Royal Eijkelkamp's sonic drilling rigs are already very complete. With the tooling we have available you can expand your machine even more. There are several tools available to work even safer and more ergonomic. There are also tools that provide even better and cleaner samples.

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Drilling accessories

Discover valuable peripherals and additions for your sonic drills and projects.

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