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Royal Eijkelkamp has a wide range of sonic drill rigs in different sizes, so you can choose the machine that best suits your needs and requirements. The machines are designed to be safer and more ergonomic than the industry standard and thanks to the many options, they're sure to increase your productivity.

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Royal Eijkelkamp quality

At Royal Eijkelkamp we offer a wide range of machines in different shapes and sizes. Our machines are of high quality and therefore long-lasting. Royal Eijkelkamp maintains a fulltime active force of trained mechanics to service our clients' Sonic drilling rigs and supporting equipment.

Looking for a second-hand Sonic rig?

Are you looking for a second-hand machine? Then take a look at our Used and rental rigs page. Our database of second hand and used Sonic drill rigs and equipment has been sold and maintained by us, so we know their history and previous users.

New names for the Royal Eijkelkamp Sonic drill rigs

To celebrate 30 years of sonic development and innovation at Royal Eijkelkamp, our drilling machines will get a new name and new look in 2023. We have added a new drill head to our range, the PowerRotoSonic (PRS), and a new machine, the MRS 200. These drill rigs offer the same familiar quality, but with a name that is representative of the properties of the drill head and the machine. In addition, the color changes from iconic red to silver with striking orange accents.

Old name New name Drill head DUO option HP
SRS PL PRS 70 PowerRotoSonic 22K   70
SRS ML SRS 120 SmallRotoSonic 34K yes 120
SRS-T SRST 110 SmallRotoSonic 34K   110
CRS XL 140 CRS 140 CompactRotoSonic 34K yes 140
CRS XL 170 CRS 170 CompactRotoSonic 34K yes 170
CRS-V CRSV 170 CompactRotoSonic 34K   170
- MRS 200 MidRotoSonic 40K yes 200
MRS XL Max LRS 275 LargeRotoSonic 50K yes 275
LRS FS 300/350 LRS 355 LargeRotoSonic 50K yes 355


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Royal Eijkelkamp's sonic drilling rigs are already very complete. With the tooling we have available you can expand your machine even more. There are several tools available to work even safer and more ergonomic. There are also tools that provide even better and cleaner samples.

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