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Measure a soil's capacity to drain off water

Water permeability

Determination of water permeability, or hydraulic conductivity, is important for agricultural as well as for environmental soil research. The permeability factor, or K-factor, serves as an indication to base the designs of irrigation- and drainage systems on. It's also of great importance with respect to the extent of the spreading of possible pollution

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Applications of water permeability research

The water and air permeability of soil determine to a large extent how efficiently an irrigation- or drainage system functions. The planning and execution of hydrological- and soil technical projects (for instance drainage and irrigation) is therefore almost always preceded by geo-hydrologic research. 

Determining the saturated water permeability (horizontal as well as vertical) can be executed in the field or in the laboratory with a soil water permeameter.

Soil permeability can be determined in the laboratory as well as directly in the field. View our selection of permeameters to find one suited to your project.  

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