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Using the Eijkelkamp Lysimeter
Using the Eijkelkamp Lysimeter

Field measuring equipment

Accurate measurement data is essential when carrying out fieldwork for soil investigations. Royal Eijkelkamp offers a wide range of high-quality and reliable measuring equipment for field use, designed for field research for environmental, agricultural, civil engineering and rural construction projects.

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Using the Eijkelkamp Lysimeter

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Using the Eijkelkamp hand penetrometer

Resistance to penetration

The soil's resistance to penetration determines its carrying capacity and the ease with which plant roots can grow through the soil. This depends on changing parameters such as moisture content, density, and the strength of the connection between mineral particles. We offer various instruments that measure the resistance to penetration and carrying capacity of the soil.

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Shear stress

The shear strength, or resistance to shear stress, of the soil depends on different soil characteristics. Our various instruments allow you to measure and determine the shear stress in the layers, either in the field at the soil surface, in a profile well and at the bottom of a borehole, or in a soil sample.

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Filled Double Ring Infiltrometer


The measurement of water infiltration into the soil is an important indicator for the efficiency of irrigation and drainage, optimizing the availability of water for plants, improving crop yields, and minimizing erosion. For measuring the rate of infiltration and hydraulic conductivity, we offer infiltrometers, permeameters, and precipitation simulators.

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Soil moisture

There are many reasons why soil moisture is an important part of our soil; soil moisture serves as a solvent and carrier of food nutrients for plants growth, it regulates the temperature of soil and plant, and it is essential for photosynthesis. Soil water is the principal constituent of growing plants, but also necessary for the metabolic activities of microorganisms

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Drilling with the riverside auger

Particle size

An important characteristic of soil is particle size distribution (granular distribution or texture). Both agricultural and soil science properties are to a large extent determined by soil texture. Determination of particle size is essential for assessing the availability of substances to flora and fauna, the behavior of a substance in the soil, and the determination of soil quality.

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Soil oxygen

The concentration of oxygen in soil is an important element for the growth of plants. A reduction in the oxygen concentration could affect the physiological processes of plants negatively. We offer a range of instruments that provide insight into these processes, for soil gas analysis and for measuring oxygen diffusion.

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Using the water level meter

Water level

Water level measurements form the basis of hydrologic soil examination, which includes porosity of the soil, determination of the current direction of the groundwater, and more. We have various systems available for measuring and registering water levels in practice. The sounding apparatus, with acoustic and light signal, are used to reliably determine liquid levels manually.

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Water discharge

Water discharge measurements are important for determining the hydrological balance of an area. For determination of flow velocity in watercourses, measurement of discharge from drainage systems, and registration of water movement in open irrigation channels, Royal Eijkelkamp has developed various types of measuring equipment.

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Water quality

The quality of water is of great importance to the lives of people, animals, and plants. After all, water is one of the most important sources of life. For testing samples of water or aqueous extracts, a varied range of reliable and accurate water quality test kits and water quality meters are available.

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