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Submersible MP1 pump used in the field
Submersible MP1 pump used in the field
Products for measuring water quality and quantity


Water is essential for many processes on Earth, but the ever-growing population, industry and climate change are putting increasing pressure on the water supply. In addition, the presence of water alone is not enough – it must also be clean. We offer solutions for water sampling, analysis and monitoring, of both water quality and quantity.

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Submersible MP1 pump used in the field

Comprehensive water research

The realization is dawning all over the planet that we must handle water with care. Many authorities are working on preserving our water supply, because once contaminated, it's a time and money-consuming process to purify the water. This makes timely identification of possible contamination and a quick response very important.

Royal Eijkelkamp has been committed to the development and delivery of various solutions for measuring the quality of water for years. These products provide insight into parameters such as electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. Some work directly in the field, others let you take a water sample at a certain depth for further research in the lab.

Measuring various water parameters

Measuring water quality starts with determining the question for information. When investigating pollution, for example, concentrations of dissolved oxygen, nitrate, ammonium, bromide, chlorophyll-a and blue-green algae can be measured.

More specifically, the presence of tryptophan, CDOM/FDOM and oil indicates that faeces and organic substances are present in the water and thus sewer overflow or industrial discharge is taking place.

Measurements of the acidity (pH) and electrical conductivity of the water are almost always an issue in water quality research.

Finally, turbidity is an indicator of the presence of solids in the water. Turbid water affects the oxygen content and the amount of sunlight that can penetrate into the sediment, affecting both the plants and animals that live in the water.

For insight into the actual water quality, measuring one or more parameters is usually sufficient. For monitoring and signaling developments, it is necessary to measure for a longer period of time and to use various sensors connected to a modem and data network.

Water current and discharge

Measuring water discharge is also important for drawing up the hydrological water balance in a certain area. The flow rate is an indication for, for example, the discharge of drainage systems and irrigation canals, but also the flow rate in waterways. For this we supply various instruments that can take accurate measurements, made of materials that can withstand various conditions.

Water research with Royal Eijkelkamp equipment

Royal Eijkelkamp has extensive experience in measuring water quality for various applications and under various circumstances. Through a combination of experience and product knowledge, we are happy to help you select the right measuring instruments for your question. 

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