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Fraste drilling rigs

The Fraste rigs for conventional drilling can be useful for many different applications. With a conventional drill, you can drill to unprecedented depths. With more than fifty years of experience in the design and construction of drilling rigs, Fraste has grown into one of the biggest drilling rig manufacturers in the world. Direct contact with drillers worldwide allows them to continuously develop and innovate.

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Why conventional drilling?

Conventional drilling can be an excellent solution when you do not need to have undisturbed samples at your disposal. Eijkelkamp North America proudly distributes FRASTE conventional drill rigs, offering a wide range of conventional drilling in addition to sonic drilling. Besides the high quality, the drills are also multi-purpose and are always ready to make a difference.

Eijkelkamp North America is also there to offer a complete, dynamic, multitasking, and high-quality conventional drilling rig, always ready for different purposes: Geotechnical, Soil Investigation, Coring, Geothermal, Ground Consolidation, Micropiles, and Water Well installation. The long-term partnership with FRASTE Italy induced the distributorship for both parties and Eijkelkamp North America is pleased to be a FRASTE distributor for North America.

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Multidrill Series

FRASTE's Multidrill machines are high quality machines. Multidrill machines are suitable for a variety of applications, including Geotechnical drilling, Water Well drilling and Geothermal drilling. Eijkelkamp North America has a high quality machine from FRASTE for all your needs.

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FS Series

The FRASTE FS series are strong and of excellent quality. These conventional drilling rigs are excellent for Water Well drilling. The Fraste Well drilling rigs are the best traditional quality representatives of the brand. These rigs can be used in a variety of applications.

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MITO Series

The FRASTE MITO Series is a reliable, powerful and very stable series. The rigs in this series are robust and designed to perform extremely well in the construction and soil protection industries, among others. This makes the MITO Series an excellent choice for foundation drilling.

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MX and MX T Series

The FRASTE MX and MX T series drilling rigs are built on either a truck or tracks. Equipped with the latest technical solutions, especially for the mining industry, these machines will increase your productivity to the maximum and reduce the risks in the workplace. The MX series drilling rigs can be prepared for diamond drilling, reverse circulation and air drilling, as well as multi-purpose drilling rigs with many available options.

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Service Rigs

We have a number of Fraste service and maintenance rigs available. These vehicles are strong and have a large carrying capacity. The service rigs are equipped with technical gadgets and can be expanded with extra components. So there is always a service rig that fits your needs and wishes.

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Fraste accessories

Have you purchased one of the many FRASTE machines and are looking for accessories to make your work even safer and more ergonomic? Eijkelkamp North America will be happy to help you find the right accessories for your FRASTE drill.

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