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Meet the high-quality FRASTE MX and MX T series

MX and MX T Series

The FRASTE MX and MX T series drilling rigs are built on either a truck or tracks. Equipped with the latest technical solutions, especially for the mining industry, these machines will increase your productivity to the maximum and reduce the risks in the workplace. The MX series drilling rigs can be prepared for diamond drilling, reverse circulation and air drilling, as well as multi-purpose drilling rigs with many available options.

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Do you want to work safer?

The Fraste MX and MX T-series can be equipped with FRASTE's famous and automatic rod handler "Manipulator" for convenient, fast and safe handling of drill pipes.

This "Manipulator" is also suitable for the automatic Core Barrel Handler, allowing you to maneuver the core barrel in an ergonomic way. You also work even more safely when you install the remote-controlled version. These features are available for all models.

Eijkelkamp North America has a wide range of accessories available. 

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