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Eco innovation

Royal Eijkelkamp is known for the production of our famous Edelman auger, the development of advanced field measurement and laboratory equipment and of course the Sonic drilling machines. But over the years, the focus of our initiatives has shifted to sustainability: how can we contribute to reducing the burden on our planet?

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Sustainable initiatives for the future

How can we help industries to work smarter and more efficiently, so they can pursue their activities with the least amount of damage to the environment? And, more importantly, how can our products contribute to the recovery of our ecosystem and a more sustainable use of our natural resources? 

These ideals motivate Royal Eijkelkamp to be involved in various sustainability initiatives. Some take place on our own InnoFields site in The Netherlands, others are carried out under the name Soil Valley: a new movement that aims to realize healthy soil, now and in the future. That's how we hope to ensure that future generations inherit the world in a better state than we did.

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