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HydraProbe soil sensor
HydraProbe soil sensor
Accurate soil moisture meters

Soil sensors

Soil moisture is one of the most essential characteristics to keep flora and fauna healthy. This can be influenced by additional irrigation, but it's necessary to have a clear insight in current levels. Our soil sensors provide this information. Depending on your information needs, Royal Eijkelkamp offers the right variant for you.

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HydraProbe soil sensor

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HydraProbes, for reliable soil insight

HydraProbes were designed to measure the big three in soil science: moisture, salinity (bulk EC) and temperature. If you're looking for a rugged soil moisture and (optional) salinity sensor for long term monitoring, the HydraProbe can answer your needs. 

The benefits: 

  • Continuous accuracy without calibration
  • Accurate across different locations, soil types, moisture range and seasons
  • 5 year warranty and fully potted components
  • Compatible with any SDI-12 capable data logger - no setup required

Do you want to measure?

  • Soil moisture and temperature only? Choose HydraProbe Standard
  • Soil moisturesalinity, and temperature? Go for HydraProbe Pro 

The optional read-out unit SDI-12 gives immediate readings of current measurement conditions from HydraProbe soil moisture sensors. It also allows testing of individual sensors to troubleshoot when the sensors are part of a larger system. It features a large display window in a robust weather resistant casing.

The science behind our products

  • Ratiometric Coaxial Impedance Dielectric Reflectometry
  • Measure the energy storage (real dielectric permittivity) and the energy losses (imaginary dielectric permittivity) separately
  • Rigorously peer reviewed by American Geophysical Union, Vadose Zone Journal and The Journal of Soil Science Society of America

How do you want to read out the data?

  • Read out the data in the field via an app? Choose HydraGo. 
  • Log the data in the field? HydraProbe can be connected to any SDI-12 data logger.
  • Want to access your data through email or our web portal (via telemetry)?
    Our GDT Prime Plus GPRS modem with Eijkelkamp SIM can send the data from HydraProbe sensors directly to your email or web portal.

Our advisors are happy to tell you more about the different options and help you choose the right solution.

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