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Eijkelkamp CPT Pusher
Eijkelkamp CPT Pusher
Various pushing forces and techniques

CPT pushers

The Eijkelkamp family of CPT pushers are designed to provide long lasting trouble-free operation, with maximum flexibility and a wide range of operating conditions. They are available as either a 35 kN, a 130 kN or a 200 kN unit. All units have a short ram stroke (between 500 mm and 600mm) so they can be used in low overhead spaces. There are also special options, like the 200 kN unit with a long ram stroke (1050 mm), the SonicCPT, the Drill'o CPT and the Drill'n CPT.

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Eijkelkamp CPT Pusher

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Combining our unique experience in Sonic drilling and CPT Royal Eijkelkamp is able to offer the latest development in the CPT industry, SonicCPT.

This technique uses vibratory energy to reduce friction along the CPT rods and break down stiff soil layers at the cone. Once the problem soil has been overcome, CPT can be resumed. You can either add the Drill 'n CPT unit to your existing sonic drilling rig, or a Sonic CPT pusher to your CPT rig. These options make this technique very accessible for soil investigation

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