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Meet the team

Get in touch with the Eijkelkamp North America team.

Business Operations

Troy Chipps
CEO | t.chipps@eijkelkamp.com | Connect with Troy

Angie von Gersdorff
Administrative Assistant | a.vongersdorff@eijkelkamp.com

Brian Chandler
Strategic Purchasing Manager | b.chandler@eijkelkamp.com | Connect with Brian

Kathy Stroupe
Business Administrator | k.stroupe@eijkelkamp.com | Connect with Kathy

Noah Jacobs
Warehouse Clerk | n.jacobs@eijkelkamp.com

Donovan Campuzano
Video Specialist | d.campuzano@eijkelkamp.com

Riyaadh Winqvist
Logistics Coordinator | r.winqvist@eijkelkamp.com


Mike Epley
Drilling Sales Manager | m.epley@sonicsampdrill.com | Connect with Mike

Greg Halliday
Drilling Trainer & Sales Specialist | g.halliday@sonicsampdrill.com 

Jim Nidzgorski
Sonic Sales Engineer | j.nidzgorski@sonicsampdrill.com | Connect with Jim

Kory Enneking
Inside Sales Manager | k.enneking@eijkelkamp.com

Matt Edmund
Territory Sales Manager | m.edmund@eijkelkamp.com

Caden Chipps
Inside Sales Associate | c.chipps@eijkelkamp.com 


Eric Huff
Service Manager | e.huff@sonicsampdrill.com

Andrew Hill
Service Technician | a.hill@eijkelkamp.com

Phil McKay
Sonic Technical Specialist | p.mckay@sonicsampdrill.com | Connect with Phil 

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