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Measure the water content of soil

Soil moisture

There are many reasons why soil moisture is an important part of our soil; soil moisture serves as a solvent and carrier of food nutrients for plants growth, it regulates the temperature of soil and plant, and it is essential for photosynthesis. Soil water is the principal constituent of growing plants, but also necessary for the metabolic activities of microorganisms.

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The determination of the soil moisture tension (in hPa, mbar or cbar) in the soil is an important aspect of complete agricultural physical soil research. Our tensiometer makes it possible to determine the soil matric potential (and thereby the moisture content of the unsaturated soil), by direct measurement in the field.

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Measuring indirect soil moisture with the Watermark sensor


Measuring the soil moisture suction tension can be done through indirect means with a durable non-salt-sensitive block, equipped with an 'open' condenser. The isolation characteristics of this capacitor can be measured. With our equipment it is possible to derive and display the value of the suction.

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Volume percentage

Measuring the soil moisture content as a volume percentage purely measures the amount of water per the volume of the soil. This moisture content is important for environmental research into acidification and pollution, but also as a factor for optimal plant growth and crop production. Our sets are perfectly suited for measuring the moisture content as a volume percentage.

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