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Soil research for agriculture

At the root of successful agriculture is healthy soil. Aspects such as soil moisture, particle size distribution and microbial life all influence the growth of crops. Research of these soil parameters should be conducted prior to making decisions for soil improvement.

Research into soil quality for agriculture

Land is increasingly encountering problems which cause soil degradation. Erosion, desiccation and salinization are just a few examples. The result is that fertile top layers of the soil disappear, water infiltration deteriorates, and surface discharge accelerates. This constant decline in soil fertility, productivity and cultural and recreational value has many negative effects, particularly for vulnerable eco and other systems.

By means of ongoing studies into the underlying causes, responsible processes and their interrelationship(s), measures can eventually be decided on and applied. All this is aimed at using the soil in a more sustainable way in the future.

Royal Eijkelkamp is contributing to this by participating in soil- and water related projects worldwide and constantly expanding, renewing, and improving its product range.

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