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Years of experience with soil and water have made us expert, but also push us to continue to innovate. Data is an important next step, that, as part of our turnkey solutions, creates a new dimension in the management of soil and water. Select an area to learn how we can be of service there.

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Intensive soil use affects many soil properties that are important for all living organisms on Earth. Our soils grow the crops that feed humans and animals. In addition, it is a large reservoir for water and the foundation on which we build. Knowledge of soil, and the processes that take place in it, are essential for decisions about land use and possible soil improvement.

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Water is essential for many processes on Earth, but the ever-growing population, industry and climate change are putting increasing pressure on the water supply. In addition, the presence of water alone is not enough – it must also be clean. Our equipment measures both water quality and quantity.

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In an increasingly smart world, the availability of data offers many advantages when it comes to monitoring of soil and water and taking timely actions. This requires smart data: information that you can act on, that offers the precise information you need and captures the right parameters. Our line of monitoring equipment and services makes the measurement and management of soil and water smart.

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Want to know more about our solutions?

Want to know more about our solutions?

Over the years, many international clients have found their way to us with their challenges. We've documented the results of these collaborations in our project overview, take a look to get an idea of what we can do.