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30-40 ton

The Fraste MITO 35 (formerly MITO 100) is one of the most powerful conventional drills available for foundation and construction drilling. Its quality and strength significantly reduce drilling fluctuation, which provides straighter and more accurate results. This mighty drill rig is perfect for foundation, construction, and civil engineering projects such as anchors, tie rods and micropiles.

  • Powerful, productive and accurate
  • Reliable, high construction quality
  • Optional TB drill pipes & casing carousel
  • Strength provides reduced drilling fluctuations
  • Popular for reliability, power and weight


The Fraste MITO 35 is available in a regular and TB version, which includes a drill pipe and casing carousel mounted to the drill mast. This loads both pipe and casing simultaneously in a completely automated, rapid process, and can hold up to 9 drill pipes and 9 casings in varying diameters.


  • Foundations
  • Construction
  • Civil engineering projects

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Power 275 Hp (205 Kw) TIER 3 - TIER 4 F
Rotary head stroke 27.9-39.4 ft (8500-12000 mm)
Nominal Pull up/down 19.600 daN
Max rotary head torque up to 4300 daNm
Max rotary head speed 190 rpm
Upper rotary head 10300 ft lbf (1400 daNm) - 60 rpm
Lower rotary head 25100 ft lbf (3400 daNm) - 30 rpm
Double Clamp Ø 3.5 - 25.4 in (90-645 mm)
Triple Clamp Ø 2.4 - 16.3 in (60-415 mm)
Weight ~ 79366-85980 lb (~ 36000-39000 Kg)
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