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The Fraste ZZ is a casing pipes rotary table. It is suitable for various casing pipe diameters and can be mounted on used and new drilling rigs.

  • Strong and safe
  • Compact machines
  • Different variants available
  • Suitable for different casing pipes diameters
  • Can be mounted either on new or used rigs


The Fraste drill pipe turntable is available in several variants, suitable for different drill pipe diameters. It is a complementary device for your used or new drill rig (provided it is the right size).

This device is an enhancement to the range of FRASTE drilling accessories that can be mounted on rigs for a variety of drilling methods and jobs.

The Fraste ZZ has a strong construction and has a number of important features. One of the features is that the machine is easy to maintain. This is because the rotation of the crown gear is driven by two hydraulic motors with gears, which significantly reduce the wear of the rotary gear. The machine comes in several variants, namely: ZZ 219, ZZ 324 and the ZZ 419.

Would you like to know which machine is the best for your machine, or would you like more information about one of the ZZ variants? Then please contact one of our specialists. They will be happy to help you find the right variant. 

For the correct specifications download the brochure. 


Torque (depends on model) 1,300 daNm (9,587 ft lbf) - 2,000 daNm (14,750 ft lbf) - 4,000 daNm (28,800 ft lbf)
Speed (depends on model) Max 18 rpm - Max 12 rpm - Max 9 rpm
Clamping force (depends on model) 14,000 daN (30,864 lbf) - 12,500 daN (28,100 lbf) - 24,000 daN (53,000 lbf)
Pull-up (depends on model) 14,000 daN (30,864 lbf) - 18,000 daN (40,460 lbf) - 24,000 daN (53,000 lbf)
Pull-down (depends on model) 10,500 daN (23,148 lbf) - 12,000 daN (26,900 lbf) - 20,000 daN (44,100 lbf)
Stroke (depends on model) 300 mm (1 ft) - 400 mm (1,3 ft) - 540 mm (1,7 ft)
Weight (depends on model) 1,874 lb (850 kg) / 2,866 lb (1,300 kg) / 3,858 lb (1,750 kg)
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