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FRASTE Breakout Bench


FRASTE offers a special breakout system. This system is for quick change of bits or for easy and quick maintenance of the hammer. With the FBB, you can also easily repair the hammer when it is broken. The Fraste breakout bench is designed to work directly on the construction site.

  • For quick bit changes
  • Designed to work right on the job site
  • Works quick and smooth
  • For easy hammer maintenance or repair
  • Designed to work safely


The FRASTE Breakout Bench (FBB) is a quick and easy system to change bits quickly. The FBB uses heavy-duty jaws to quickly break out or replenish bits, DTH hammer joints and other API tool joints, so you can work smoothly and quickly. This special breakout system is designed to allow you to work safely in a horizontal position. Forklift slots facilitate loading and unloading.

The breakout system has a lot of power and adaptability, this makes the system ideal for breakout/completion in a wide range of drilling applications. The system is hydraulically controlled with a hydraulic quick coupler. 


FRASTE Breakout Bench
Required hydraulic power 35 l/min. - 170 bar
DTH hammer diameter range 6" - 12"
Max. breakout torque 73,756 ft lbf (10,000 daNm)
Max. make-up torque 73,756 ft lbf (10,000 daNm)
Weight 2,645 lbs (1200 Kg)
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