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Flow-through cell, compact version
Flow-through cell, compact version

Flow-through cell compact


Flow-through cell compact for water measurements without air contact.

  • Field measurement of (ground)water
  • Suitable for 6 electrodes
  • Very short response time
  • Improves the comfort and precision of in-line measurement
  • Easily cleaned


To improve the comfort and precision of in-line measurement of all kinds of parameters of (ground)water in the field (e.g., pH, EC, Temp, O2, etc.), a flow-through cell is used.  

The Flow-through cell “compact” is designed for measurements without air contact (anaerobe) and due to its small volume of only 250 milliliter, the response time is very short.  

This product is suitable for 6 electrodes, with a maximum diameter of 1 inch (25.5 millimeter). It includes silicone plugs and connection material. The device also features flip-up legs. The flow rate is approximately 2 l/min. To prevent cross contamination, it can be cleaned easily.  


  • In-situ
  • Field measurement of (ground)water

Set contains

  • Flow-through cell
  • Silicone hoses for supply and discharge
  • Hose clamps
  • Silicone plugs


Flow-through cell compact
Volume 9.8 inch | 250 ml
No. of electrodes 6 max
Flow rate Approximately 2 l/min
Kory Enneking

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