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Service Rig SR 20

The FRASTE SR 20 is a mighty service and maintenance rig, equipped with a tripod positioning mast, hydraulic winch suitable for pipe lifting, and a submersible pump.

  • Hoisting capacity of 20 tons
  • Free clearance between lifting hook and ground of 36 feet (11 m)
  • Customize your pumps, generator, toolbox and more
  • Tripod positioning mast
  • Customizable winches


Mounted on a truck with two or three axles, the SR 20 Service rig can be operated by the vehicle engine through the Power Take Off (PTO) device or by using an auxiliary engine. With many customizable options, this service rig makes drilling easier.

The rig can be equipped with additional components, such as an air compressor, high-pressure water pump, rotating lifting head, self-powered generator/welding machine, pipe tools, toolbox, and more.

Customize this service rig to meet your exact needs.

Do you have any questions, or would you like more information about this FRASTE machine? Or do you have questions about the different options? Please contact one of our specialists or download the specification list.


Service Rig SR 20
Power 170-700 HP (126-522 Kw)
Mast gross capacity 30 tons
Free clearance from lifting hook to ground 36 ft (11 m)
Overhang from chassis frame and wheel axle 4.9 ft (1.5 m)
Main winch net hoisting capacity 20 tons
Main winch speed 82 ft/min (25 m/min)
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