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MX 400 (MX 400 T)

The FRASTE MX 400 is a reliable and multifunctional rig customized for mineral exploration. The rig can be mounted on tracks or a truck. It offers great performance in the field and is of exceptionally high quality.

  • Pull-up force 62,946 lbf (28,000 daN)
  • Internationally-certified high-quality rig
  • Onboard fully-hydraulic system for loading the drill pipes
  • Can be mounted on tracks or a truck
  • Many options and highly customizable


The gigantic Fraste MX 400 machine is a multi-purpose machine that has been customized for mineral exploration. The rig can be used for soil and mineral exploration, geothermal drilling, seismic surveying, coring drilling, and water wells. The machine offers exceptional performance in the field and has been internationally certified. With this machine, you can apply different drilling methods

  • Direct or reverse fluid circulation 
  • Air drilling with DTH hammer
  • Dry drilling with auger

With excellent safety and efficiency features, you'll be able to increase productivity while reducing risks in the work area.

This powerful, versatile rig can be prepared for diamond drilling, reverse circulation, and air core drilling. It's also able to drill from vertical to a 45° angle.

This rig also comes with the option of the FRASTE Manipulator, an onboard automatic rod handling system that is convenient, quick, safe and hands-free. The automatic Core Barrel Handler is also available for complete hands-free core barrel maneuvering.

For added safety and efficiency, full drilling functions are available on the radio remote control. This fully removes your team from any dangerous area while ensuring they can move to a position with superior line-of-sight to the drilling activity.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information about this FRASTE machine? Or do you have questions about the different options? Then please contact one of our specialists or download the specification list.


MX 400 (MX 400 T)
Power 354-710 HP (260-522 Kw) Stage 3A Tier 3 / Stage V Tier 4F
Feed stroke 29.7 feet (8,500 mm)
Pull-up force 62,946 lbf (28,000 daN)
Pull-down force 42,712 lbf (19,000 daN)
Rotary head max torque 10,768 ft lbf (1,460 daNm)
Rotary head max speed 1,200 RPM
Break-out clamps - Diameter 70-400 mm / 2.7-15.7"
Break-out clamp - clamping force 25,000 daN / 56,200 lbf
Break-out clamps - break-out torque 8,000 daNm / 57,900 ft lbf
Rated drilling capacity 5,741 ft / 1,750 m


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