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Multidrill XL 275

The Fraste Multidrill XL 275 is a powerful machine, that can be used for many applications and offers excellent performance. Several custom options are available for the Multidrill XL 275.

  • Powerful, versatile, productive
  • Suitable for many applications
  • Many options available
  • Strong engine
  • Safer working conditions


The Fraste Multidrill XL 275 is a large and strong machine that can be used for many different drilling jobs. It's suitable for geotechnical work, but you can also use this machine for soil research, geothermal drilling, soil consolidation drilling, and drilling for micro-piles and water wells. In short, it is a machine that can be used for almost anything. The machine's features let you to work safely and responsibly. Finally, it is easy to maneuver, functional and has the power for any drilling job.

The Multidrill XL 275 can be equipped with the revolutionary Manipulator drilling rod loader. Other options include a wire line winch, foam pump and line lubricator. 


  • Geotechnical Drilling
  • Water Wells
  • Geothermal

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Multidrill XL 275
Power 275 Hp (205 Kw) TIER 3 - TIER 4 F
Rotary head stroke 11.5-14.7 ft (3500-4500 mm)
Pull-up 26977 lbf (12000 daN)
Pull-down 15287 lbf (6800 daN)
Max rotary head torque 13276 ft lbf (1800 daNm)
Max rotary head speed 1330 rpm
Clamp Ø 2.3 in- 13.8 in (60-350 mm)
Weight ~ 32000-38000 lb (~ 16000-19000 Kg)


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