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Multidrill XL 170

The FRASTE Multidrill XL 170 is a complete, dynamic, and high-quality drilling rig. It was specially designed to be equipped with the Manipulator: an automatic drilling rod load system that instantly boosts the safety of your operation.

  • Powerful, versatile and productive
  • Multipurpose
  • Easy maneuverability and maintenance
  • Drilling rod loading system
  • Different options available


The Multidrill XL 170 is a very complete conventional drilling rig that can be used for various sectors, including geotechnical investigation, soil investigation, coring, geothermal drilling, soil consolidation, placing micropiles, and drilling water wells. 

It is a robust machine, constructed according to the highest quality standards, with state of the art hydraulics, and a performance to match. It's easy to operate and maintain. 

The famous Fraste Manipulator rod loading system lifts the safety and ergonomics to the next level. It was created in accordance with the European Drilling Machine Directive Regulations and all the regulations required by law. 


  • Geotechnical Drilling
  • Water Wells
  • Geothermal

Do you have any questions or would you like more information about this FRASTE machine? Or do you have questions about the different options? Then please contact one of our specialists or download specification list.


Multidrill XL 170
Power Tier 3: 129 Kw / 173 Hp; Tier 4: 129Kw / 173.5Hp
Rotary head stroke 3,700-4,700 mm / 12-15.4 ft
Pull-up 12,000 daN / 6,977 lbf
Pull-down 6,800 daN / 15,287 lbf
Rotary head max torque 1,860 daNm / 13,718 ft lbf
Rotary head max speed 1,250 rpm
Break-out clamps - Diameter 60-360 mm / 2.3"-14"
Break-out clamp - clamping force 14,000 daN / 31,473 lbf
Break-out clamps - torque 5,400 daNm / 39,828 ft lbf


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