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FS 600

The FRASTE FS 600 is a reliable and safe drilling rig that's ideal for working on a platform. It can be used for drilling deep water wells, but also geothermal work when using the stabilizer.

  • Designed to operate on platform but also at ground level
  • Automatic drill pipes loading system
  • High-tech design
  • Mast pull-up capacity 60 ton
  • Equipped with telescopic extension


The FRASTE FS 600 is a versatile drilling rig designed to work on a platform for drilling deep water wells, but also at ground level thanks to the use of stabilizers. This also makes it perfect for geothermal work. The machine is equipped with a fully hydraulic and automatic drill pipe loading system. The system is suitable for 9mt drill pipes but can also use heavier drill pipes with different diameters.

The FS 600 rig has a mast pick-up capacity of 60 tonnes and is equipped with a telescopic extension for Range 2 casing handling. The FS 600 is the result of high-tech design, precise mechanical construction and assembly of components produced by global companies: a guarantee for quality, high technology, reliability and safety. Other optional items are available on demand for a highly customized version of the rig.


  • Water Wells

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FS 600
Engine Tier 3 F 260 Kw (354 Hp)
Rotary head stroke 393 in (10000 mm)
Pull-up 60000 daN
Pull-down 35000 daN
Max torque 3 speeds 3400 daNm
Max speed 170 rpm
Clamp Ø Ø 3.2 in-20.5 in (80-520 mm)
Clamping force 40000 daN
Break-out torque 20000 daNm
Delivery (piston pump) 2574 l/min
Max pressure (piston pump) 70 bar
Max delivery (air compressor) 1270 CFM 36000 l/min.
Max pressure (air compressor) 30 bar
Max line pull with block 60000 daN
Max speed with block 38 m/min.
Automatic rods manipulator capacity OD 4.5/9.1 in x 354 in (114/230 mm x 9000 mm)


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