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FRASTE Roto Handling device


The FRASTE Roto Handler (FRH) is a simple, strong and safe hydraulic device to work safer and more ergonomic. It is optional to get the FRH with two or three clamps.

  • Wide range of gripping diameters in only one clamp
  • Continuous clamping axles with any gripping diameter
  • Two or three clamps are available as option, according to pipes and casing length
  • Simple built-in hydraulic system for an easy and quick connection to any excavator
  • Optional: 2/3 Clamps


The FRASTE Roto Handler (FRH) device is designed for avoiding the manual handling of drill pipes and casings. The handling device, therefore, improves the safety of your drilling team. 

This strong Roto Handling device has a lot of power. In addition to being powerful, this hydrostatic system also works safely. The system is specially designed to be used on excavators and can handle drill pipes and casing of various diameters. This allows drilling crews to work safely and efficiently. 


FRASTE Roto Handling device
Version FRH 2 / FRH 3
Min. Excavator class 5 - 6 ton / 8 - 10 ton
Clamping range 3 - 12.8" (76 - 324 mm)
Max. length single tube 19.7 ft (6,000 mm)
Max. length double tube 14.8 ft (3,000 mm)
Lifting capacity 550 lbs (300 kg)
Manipulator weight 1,366 lbs (620 kg) / 1,763 lbs (800kg)
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