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The Screw Impeller Pump 6 is a multipurpose pump that can handle both clean and dirty water, with large solids handling capabilities. It is a mobile, diesel-powered unit with an integrated vacuum system.

  • Clean or dirty water operation options
  • Very fuel efficient and quiet operation
  • Run-dry idling
  • Up to 1,650 gallons/minute
  • Remote operation with Ecomizer Pro


This pump is a diaphragm-assisted centrifugal screw impeller pump, using an efficient Hatz 3H50T water-cooled Tier 4 diesel engine. It is mounted on a sturdy galvanized chassis covered by a noise-reducing shell, with a lifting eye and forklift channels. Doors can be locked and all operating interfaces are installed securely inside the unit. 

Fuel efficiency and quiet operation are the key advantages of this pump. It can run continuously for 4 days on one tank of gas, and puts out just 58 dB at 23 feet, making it ideal for working in communities and neighborhoods where sound suppression is important.

Typical applications are: 

  • Surface water
  • Drainage water
  • Rainwater
  • undiluted wastewater
  • Water with solids
  • Sludge and viscous liquids

The SIP also has a run-dry feature. If the pump starts to pull in air, the engine will automatically be reduced to idle speed, avoiding unnecessary damage to the pump. If water is again detected, the pump will resume pumping at the previous settings.

The design of this pump enables easy management, maintenance, and repairs. The pump’s Ecomizer Pro control system enables remote operation of the pump. Shim-free and “monobloc” design avoids any pump alignment requirements. All panels are removable convenient access points and adjustable wear plates. With useful forklift channels, this pump is also stackable up to 3 high.

The Ecomizer Pro control system also provides datalogging of pump and engine activities. Using a touchscreen, start-up requires just answering a few simple questions, and pumping is ready to go.


Canopy dimensions (L x W x H) 7.3 x 3.5 x 4.6 feet
Flange size discharge and suction 6" - ANSI/DIN
Fuel tank (in leak-free tray) 60 gallons
Dry weight 3,780 pounds (1,700 kg)
Sound level 58 dB at 23 feet
Max. flowrate 1,650 gallons/minute
Max. discharge pressure 100 feet
Max. speed 1,800 rpm
Max. handling of solid particles 3.5 inch diameter
Engine Hatz 3H50T water-cooled EPA Tier 4 final
Controller Ecomizer-Pro touch screen
Wear plates Adjustable front and back cone
Seal Double mechanical seal Tungsten/Tungsten
Warranty 1-year or 2,500 hours for Hatz engine; 1-year on material and/or production failures
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