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Yamuna Piston Pump


The ultra-quiet and fuel-efficient Yamuna piston pump is a clean water, reciprocated piston dewatering pump. Designed for temporary groundwater control (such as construction excavation sites), this double-acting piston pump is commonly used in combination with vertical well-points or French drains.

  • Clean-water dewatering pump
  • Very fuel efficient and ultra-quiet operation
  • Pumps 375 gallons/minute with a maximum head of 70 feet
  • Powerful and efficient Hatz diesel engine
  • Easy, convenient maintenance


Reliability, low noise level, ease of operation and minimal and quick maintenance are the key features of this dewatering unit. Designed to minimize fuel consumption, this ultra-quiet pump can operate 24/7 continuously for a week on just one tank of fuel. The Yamuna also puts out just 58 dB at 23 feet, making it ideal for working in communities and neighborhoods where sound suppression is important.

Pump design enables easy management, maintenance, and repairs. Shim-free and “monobloc” design avoids any pump alignment requirements. Built with convenient inspection access points, all panels are removable for maintenance. Useful forklift channels allow easy transportation and stacking up to 3 high.

Special features include:

  • Unique rubber collars for the best pump performance and lifespan of the liners.
  • Inspection and cleaning areas on the front and backside of the cylinder.
  • Composite GFN valve seats with stem-guide screws with O-ring sealing.
  • Electronic fuel injection for a better start and to reach the EPA emission regulations

The combination of the piston pump design, the Hatz diesel engine and the sound-insulated shell together make the Yamuna piston pump the most efficient pump available.


Yamuna Piston Pump
Canopy dimensions (L x W x H) 7.3 x 3.5 x 4.6 feet
Flange size for discharge and suction 4" or 6" quick connection, or upon customer request
Fuel tank (in leak-free tray) 60 gallons
Avg. fuel consumption 0.20 gallons/hour
Dry weight of pump 4,350 lb (1,980 kg)
Sound level 52 dB (A) at 23 feet
Max. flowrate 375 gallons/minute
Max. head 70 feet
Max. vacuum Up to 32 feet
Max engine speed Fixed 1,500 rpm
Controller Standard Impulse dashboard
Warranty 1-year or 2,500 hours for Hatz engine; 1-year on material and/or production failures
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