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HDPE pipe with clamping socket connection


Natural HDPE monitoring well pipe, for use with a clamping socket. Suitable for depths up to 20 feet. With KIWA product certificate K20414/01.

  • Resistant to mineral acids, oils, alcohols
  • Lightweight pipe
  • No traces of heavy metals or plasticizers
  • Higher chemical resistance than PVC
  • Attractively priced


These HDPE pipes are provided with a clamping socket and have a thin wall. The pipes are suited for application in wells that monitor the first water containing layer at 20 feet deep at most.

The material of these pipes causes no water pollution and makes high monitoring quality possible. HDPE provides satisfactory results, and it is much cheaper than PTFE.

HDPE pipes are suitable for use in contaminated locations because they are resistant to aromatic and chlorinated solvents. However, they are permeable to these substances, which can pose a problem if the groundwater quality in a deep aquifer under a highly contaminated soil has to be determined.

Available product variations: Plain pipe 32x28 mm, 2 m. 20 pc. Filter pipe with 0.3 mm horizontal slits. 32x28 mm, 2 m. 20 pc. Plain/filter pipe 32x28 mm, 2 m. 20 pc.