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Easy Scuba 75


The Easy Scuba 75 offers reliable water quality measurements in the field at a great and accessible price. It can contain up to 5 sensors that measure the most important water parameters.

  • Budget-friendly version of the Scuba 75
  • Measures EC, pH, DO, temperature and turbidity
  • Optional sensors for ORP and depth
  • Great value for money
  • Reliable, with superior quality sensors
  • 3 year warranty on probe and sensors


The Easy Scuba 75 offers superior sensor quality and reliability in a cost-efficient package. It measures 75 mm in diameter and contains sensor to measure  temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH and turbidity – ORP and depth are optional.

In addition to the competitive purchase price, this probe also offers low lifetime costs thanks to the low maintenance requirements.

The internal datalogger can store 1 GB of memory, which is enough for 1,000,000 logged readings. Sensors and probe housing are made of anti-corrosive materials, suitable for extended use in the field.

The probe also features sensor health indication and automatic recording of internal calibration data.  It can communicate via USB, Bluetooth or RS-232, with devices such as laptop, PC, mobile device or PLC. Optional is communication via SDI-12 or MODBUS with devices such as a modem (not included).

The set includes a weighted sensor guard, storage/calibration cup, electronic manual, and ScubaManager software on a USB-stick. 

Optional accessories include a selection of various lengths of underwater cable, data cable, USB adapter, internal battery pack (rechargeable lithium battery) and a soft carrying backpack.

Product variants

  • 18.11.17: Easy Scuba 75 multiparameter set
  • 18.11.18: Easy Scuba 75 with 3D internal battery pack


  • spot-checking
  • remote telemetry
  • water and wastewater
  • education and research
  • aquaculture
  • unattended logging
  • lakes, rivers, estuaries
  • process control
  • laboratory
  • groundwater


Easy Scuba 75
Diameter 75 mm | 2.95 inch
Number of sensors Up to 5, optional are ORP and depth
Battery pack 3D
Depth rating 50 m
Communications USB, Bluetooth, RS-232, SDI-12 and MODBUS
Data memory 1,000,000 logged readings