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EC meter set for soil


This professional and portable conductivity meter has an innovative high-resolution color display. The Electrical Conductivity (EC) meter is ideal for taking measurements in the field.

  • Portable meter for electrical conductivity, TDS and salinity
  • Easy to select the parameters you want to show
  • Temperature display
  • Suitable for triple power supply: battery, PC, mains
  • Measurement of conductivity, TDS, and salinity


This Electrical Conductivity (EC) meter is a portable and user-friendly instrument to measure EC in the field. The onboarding guide in setup and calibration mode allows a simple and intuitive use of the device. The EC is an indication of the amount of salts dissolved in water. As the concentration of salt may be a limiting or stimulating growth factor, or an indication of soil pollution, it is essential to establish the EC.

The EC meter features automatic calibration of conductivity to 5 points and 1 point defined by the user. Reference temperature and selectable cell constant are easy to set. The meter is equipped with an indicator of the stability of the measurement and possibility to select 3 stability levels.

All operations and errors are constantly monitored and shown to the operator via the colored LED above the display. The VPT Soil conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, C=1, for ground measurement, 4.9 foot (1.5-meter-long) fixed cable with BNC and Cinch connector. Field 10μS-50 mS.


  • Measuring the EC in soil, meat or other non-fluid substances

Set contains

  • PH7 meter
  • VPT soil conductivity cell
  • USB cable
  • Manual
  • Carrying case


EC meter set for soil
Measuring range pH 0.00 - 14.00 (0.1 - 0.01pH)
Measuring range mV 1000 - +1000 (1 mV)
Measuring range EC meter: 0.1 μS - 200 mS (0.01 μS) | sensor: field 10μS - 50μS
Measuring range TDS 0.01 mg/l - 200.0 g/l
Measuring range temperature meter: 32 - 212°F with 0.2°F accuracy | sensor: 32 - 140°F / meter: 0 - 100°C with 0.1°C accuracy | sensor: 0 - 60°C
Power supply battery, PC, mains
Sensor measuring range EC Field 10μS ... 50 mS.
Sensor measuring range temperature 32 ... 140°F (0 ... 60°C)
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