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Hand Penetrometer Eijkelkamp Set A
Cones And Rods
Eijkelkamp flight case
Measuring Instrument With Manometer
Hand Penetrometer Eijkelkamp Set A
Cones And Rods
Eijkelkamp flight case
Measuring Instrument With Manometer

Hand penetrometer Eijkelkamp


The hand penetrometer Eijkelkamp, with minimal design, is used to determine the resistance to penetration (bearing capacity) and compaction of soil. This product is easy to use and suitable for agriculturalists and contractors.

  • Perfect for agronomists and contractors 
  • Very simple operation
  • Accurate hydraulic reading dial 
  • Cone control
  • Provided with all rods and cones 1 - 5 cm²


With the hand penetrometer you can easily and quickly measure the resistance of the ground using your own body weight. Simply push the hand penetrometer evenly into the soil to take the measurement. The resistance measured at the cone can be read from the pressure gauge, which indicates it with a red pointer. 

The actual resistance to penetration (kPa/cm²) of the soil can be determined by dividing the reading value by the surface of the cone. The size of the to be used cone is depends on the hardness of the soil: the harder the soil, the smaller the cone. However, the larger the cone, the more accurate the measurement will be. The hand penetrometer is suitable for several applications.


  • Geotechnical soil research 
  • Trafficability or load bearing capacity research (e.g., construction sites) 
  • Checking artificial compaction of the soil 
  • Research the growing conditions of plants in the soil 
  • Tracing compacted layers in the soil (plow sole)  

Available variations

  • 06.01.SA Range 3.3 feet (1 meter)
  • 06.01.SB Range 9.8 feet (3 meter)

Set contains

  • Measuring device 
  • 2 sets of probe rods 
  • 4 types of cones; 1, 2 3 1/3 & 5 cm², angle 60° 
  • Inspection jig for cones 
  • Maintenance kit 
  • Transport case 

Do you have any questions, or would you like to see all the specifications? Download the specifications sheet or contact one of our specialists.


Hand penetrometer Eijkelkamp
Angle of cone 60 °
Cone surface range 1, 2, 3.3, 5 cm²
Connection Screw thread
Maximum force  10000 @ 1 cm² kPa
Measured parameters Penetration resistance 
Measuring accuracy < +/- 8% 
Measuring range 0...10000 kPa 
Product material Stainless steel, iron, other material
Reading accuracy 1%
Registration type Manual 
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