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Dual Wall CoreBarrel Samplers

The Dual Wall CoreBarrel sampler is designed to take high quality samples in formations that are normally very difficult. It works best in formations containing harder layers or boulders. It can even handle very soft alluvial formations that transition into hard material.

  • Improve sample quality and recovery in harder and mixed formations
  • Do not flush away the fine material in a sample
  • Never miss any layer
  • A monitoring well can be installed directly after sampling through the casing
  • No deviation in formations with boulders and hard layers
  • Very accurate sample of overburden intersection going over into hard bedrock


The Dual Wall CoreBarrel Sampler has an annular space in the barrel that allows a medium to be used without washing away the fine material.

A front or side outlet is available for the choice of ring bits; the frontal version is used in homogeneous hard formations, while the side outlet version is intended for mixed formations and prevents fine material from being washed away. A casing prevents the borehole from collapsing when the sampler is emptied. The cores are sampled directly in the core barrel. The sample can be extruded in polyethylene foil tube, plastic gutters or core box.

The Dual Wall CoreBarrel Samplers is now available in different diameters and lengths. You can get the following sizes from us: 

  • Dual Wall CoreBarrel Samplers 55 = = 2.1 in x 78.7 in (53 mm x 2.000 mm)
  • Dual Wall CoreBarrel Samplers 105 = 3.94 in x 118.1 in (100 mm x 3.000 mm)
  • Dual Wall CoreBarrel Samplers 130 = 4.92 in x 118.1 in (125 mm x 3.000 mm)

For all specifications please download the specification sheet or contact our expert. 


Dual Wall CoreBarrel Samplers
Available in different sizes CoreBarrel 55 / 105 / 130
Max. depth No limit
Core catcher possible Yes
Material used Steel
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