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Soft soil auger


Soft soil auger with extended auger body for use in very soft soils. Available with bayonet connection, in two diameters.

  • High tensile strength forged auger bodies
  • Perfect auger body shapes for optimal drilling
  • Non toxic steel for all types of analyses
  • Rapid connectible extension rods


The soft soil auger is a special type of Edelman auger. It has an extended auger body, sensitive to torsion. This makes it only suitable for sampling very soft (clay) soils.

To achieve optimal results, the auger type should be chosen in respect of the soil type in question.

Augers should be left to air-dry after use and decontaminated with soaps. Rust will naturally appear on these augers, read the brochure for more information.


This auger is available in two diameters:

Bayonet connection bottom parts
Diameter 2-3/4" (7 cm) Diameter 4" (10 cm)


Soft soil auger
Connection types Bayonet
Sample diameter 2.8-3.9 inch | 7-10 cm
Sample specification Semi-disturbed
Product material Iron, other
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